Angry Souls

My friend came to me saying that he thought a soul had been bothering him and preventing him from sleeping at night, giving him confusing and violent dreams. He knew that I am training to be a soul healer, and at first I thought he was teasing me – it wasn’t the first time he’d done that, the git! He told me that he thought it was just a manifestation of his stress levels, as things weren’t great at home, and that he wanted to see if the events went away when things calmed down. Needless to say they didn’t, and a week later he told me that the apparition was slowly making its way across the room, each night appearing closer and closer to where he slept, until it was just across from him near his bedroom light. By now I was quite worried; was he telling me the truth, or was this just a series of stress related dreams, or just a chance to make himself feel better by taking a dig at me and my ‘weird spiritual stuff’. He’s not an easy person to understand sometimes, unfortunately. Still, I wasn’t the only one who had noticed his change in attitude. Our workplace had commented too, that he wasn’t his usual upbeat, happy and talkative self. But still, he’s a very emotional person, so at first, despite my belief in the spirit world, I put it down to stress.

To convinse myself that this was the case, I suggested a variety of things which I thought could help him, but still this apparition persisted – and, to be honest, I was getting pretty fed up with his attitude! So when he agreed to let me, I connected with my Sacred Space and my Guides – who would protect me if things turned nasty – and linked with his to finally confront this being. Needless to say, this would be the hardest soul healing session I’d endure so far!

I came across a huge purplish almost putty like substance, which was acting as a kind of ‘force field’ around my friend’s energy, blocking me from entering. Spirits often do this when they’ve decided that either they’re having too much fun tormenting a particular person, or if they’re determined that they’re not going anywhere until whatever issue they have with the person they are haunting is resolved. This energy was very much like ‘no, interferences, this is between ME and HIM’. It took a few attempts to disperse this ‘force field’, which kept fusing back together in an attempt to keep me out. When I finally did, I saw a man sitting and giving me an angry disapproving look, the tension could have been cut with a knife. He wore a long trench coat and a trilby hat – I got the feeling that his mentality was stuck in the 1940s, but I wasn’t sure. I introduced myself as a Soul Healer, and was very rudely and sharply rebuked. Hey, I’ve met plenty of souls like this, I wasn’t expecting anything else from this one. I kept to my script: ‘your physical body is dead, you’re made of light and it’s time for you to go back to your natural home,’ to which he demanded – quite harshly – that I ‘shut up and stop being a stupid girl’. I was ‘weak’, and could do nothing to stop him, and that I should just stay out of it. Charming.

I asked him what he wanted with my friend, and told him what year it was and that my friend was a different person now and whatever had happened in the past was just that, in the past. Wasn’t it better for him to move to the light, rather then stay stuck here in a never ending cycle of hatred and anger? He stood up sharply and shouted at me ‘It’s none of your business! Get out and leave this to me! You know nothing about it!’ The energy I was getting from him was definitely that of a bully. He felt superior to me for being female and had a bitterness toward women; his ego wasn’t going to let anyone, especially a girl, tell him how he should behave and what he should think. I felt pushed back, and he began to attack me in a way that ‘chipped away’ my own protective force field. I was finding it hard to push back against him, and had to use the strength of my Guides to help me. In a flash of light they forced him back, and from the look on his face, I’d say he was quite shocked. How could someone possibly get the ‘one up’ on him? Undetered I asked him again what he wanted with my friend – trying very hard to stay calm and compassionate- to which he snapped ‘I didn’t get on the ship because of him!’ Now, as a Soul Healer we’re not supposed to get too involved in the soul’s backstory.  Just dip in a little to try and work out their current mind set, then connect with them a little so that it’s easier to convince them to move on. I had a very strong feeling that this soul was furious and resented my friend for something, so much in fact that all he focused on now was those emotions, without even fully remembering WHY he was so angry. So I figured that if I helped him at least remember why, I would have something to help me convince him to forgive and move on. I tried to figure out what ship he meant, and started suggesting a few names, to which he abruptly cut me off and snapped ‘no you fool!’ Between me talking with this spirit, I was telling my friend what he was saying. I asked the soul why did he need to go onto the ship, after all, that was during his life. Did it still matter? Suddenly his anger exploded ‘he cheated! That bastard ruined my chances!’

At this point I had to get him to back off, as he was standing so close to me it was as if he was making a personal threat; ‘back off or else’. My guides had to draw their swords – it’s quite reassuring to be guarded by a Samurai and an experienced swordsmen! The soul took a step back, and whether he intended to share them or not, I could sense an emotion linked to one of his past memories. I had the impression that he was acting the same way his father had acted towards him and his mother. I wasn’t sure exactly WHY he suddenly had this memory, but I had that feeling that it was something towards having been let down by someone he had placed trust in. The image I had was of him sitting in the middle of his kitchen floor as a young boy, trying to keep himself to himself  -almost as if trying to make himself appear as small as possible – by playing with a toy fire truck. Behind him, his mother and father were shouting at each other, his father in a red faced rage and his mother shouting through her fearful tears. His father hit her hard round the face. I suggested that his father’s behaviour towards them both may have caused some of the anger he was expressing now. I told him that surely someone must have loved him as a child? His mother perhaps? To which he gave a bitter smile and said ‘she was weak!’, but I could sense his deep sadness about the fact. I tried to ‘plant a seed’ as White Star Woman would say, suggest ways in which he could make things better for others, and thus helping himself heal if he chose to re-incarnate by helping families with the same problems; in order to make sure that their issues didn’t escalate like his had. He grew very angry, came right up to my face and yelled ‘don’t patronise me!!’ (I really couldn’t win with this guy!) I told him to back off – remembering my ‘inner authority’, VERY important when dealing with souls, especially. I told him that if he didn’t back off and control his anger then he would be taken away by his guides  and other authorised souls on the other side and isolated from everything, for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years, until he was stable enough to come out and try again. This scared him a little, and he asked what I meant by ‘isolated’. I told him that in the Spirit world, when a soul causes too much trouble, their guides could entrap them in a kind of ‘energy prism’ (as White Star called it). I asked him if he would like to be kept somewhere with little to no room incomplete darkness, for all eternity if need be. Another of his memories slipped into my mind, of his father being in a rage and shutting him in a small cupboard, trapped in the blackness. His fear of small dark spaces came through, but he realised I could sense this, and once more pushed it back and became aggressively defensive. (Where this would lead to the ‘ship’ memory I wasn’t sure, but I just rolled with it).

His expression changed into a vindictive sneer, and he decided to try and make me feel too frightened and weak to carry on the so called ‘healing’ process by changing form, making his body become elongated and smoky, with a demonic face – complete with horns. Being a Goth however, this didn’t faze me at all. In fact, this sort of thing seemed NORMAL to me – I’m sure that fellow metal heads will agree! It was quite a good look for him, lol. I just sat and watched him, completely unfazed and told him that that kind of rubbish would have no effect on me whatsoever. Slightly surprised, but non deterred he tried again with the ‘bully technique’. He made himself appear bigger and taller, and tried to ‘break’ me mentally by feeding me self doubts, that this was too hard a job for me, I wouldn’t be able to do it and needed the help of other Soul Healers to solve this, and until then he would follow me and make my life hell.

At this point my cats started to fight – nastily – so I had to temporarily break off from this – which you shouldn’t do – to separate them. The whole time I was walking through my house I could feel him following right behind me, puffing out his chest and staring me down, like ‘what are YOU gonna do? Huh?’ Ok, this did freak me out a bit. It was becoming harder to deal with, & now I’d brought it out from the ‘between’ space into my house, where it could get to me, and seemingly affect my pets too. I separated the cats, to which one of them lunged for my leg and viciously latched on, making me bleed. He has NEVER been like that before, even in the past when separating his scuffs with my other cats.

Now this meant war. NO ONE attacked my cats and made them behave this way. I quickly went back to my friend, knowing that the best way to stop all this was to stop him. I went into my Sacred Space once more and confronted him head on. I told him that this was his last and final chance. He either left, or he would be taken away by force. His choice. My Guides must have made an impression, as he seemed to calm down a bit. It was then that I finally got to the story of what occurred between him and my friend. Turns out they were gambling with cards, and my friend had hid an extra ace up his sleeve, and thus won the game unfairly. This soul had lost all of his money, so he couldn’t afford a ticket to a ship which would take him home to see his daughter. I was under the impression that this would have been his last chance to do so, and so the frustration with himself and the blame had tormented him, leading to rage when he finally discovered what had really happened. This hate and blame had consumed him, so that when he died he stayed in an angry state, until the same angry energy tore open a gap in my friend’s energy field. The similar negativity awoke this soul from his sleep state and drew him closer to my friend, until he was finally able to attach himself.

I related all of this to my friend, and together we talked with this soul to reconcile with him, and how if he chose to forgive and move on he could be back with his daughter, and that it wasn’t too late to make amends with his family. Finally, after my friend had apologized, the soul calmed down. My friend promised not to do this sort of thing again, and said that when he next saw him they could have a rematch, but that he would play honestly. Finally the soul was happy enough to move on. He turned out to be a nice guy! I commented on this an he told me not to ‘push it’. He left into the light, leaving me feel quite drained, physically and emotionally! I thanked my guides for their awesome help, and closed the space. Needless to say, my cats were now acting as though nothing had happened. We had both learned valuable lessons from this. And funnily enough, that night my friend had a dream that he was sat playing a game of cards with the very same soul, but this time it was friendly, and there was no cheating involved!

Looking back, I’d say it was an interesting experience, even though at the time it didn’t feel like it! Hopefully next time I will keep my boundaries tightly closed, and work on my ego and inner authority, so that next time horrible threats wouldn’t break me down like they did in this particular experience!




Knitting Together Broken Bones with Osprey 2018

osprey2018Once again we enter a new year, where we will have new experiences, meet new faces and challenges. A chance to start over. This year, 2018, is the year of ‘Knitting Together Broken Bones with Osprey’. Don’t worry! I’m not implying that everyone will be hospitalised with broken arms or legs! It simply means that we will break appart aspects of ourselves and open them up into full view in order to see our deepest truths. Only when we are willing to do this, will we be able to ‘mend the bones’ of our psyches and truly heal. Of course for many – if not all of us – this wil be a scary thought, but for those who are ready to face these fear factors, which we all have, be it a part of our ego which we know needs to be adjusted, admitting that we have a bad habit to break in order to maintain a healthy mind and body or simply face an old trauma which still governs our daily lives, this will be an auspicious year to do it. It’s a time where we can truly ‘break the bones’ so that we may put them back together in a way that suits us, and thus enabling them to become stronger.


One thing I hope to gain from this year is to truly embody my spiritual self, and confront all of my past traumas that are preventing me from healing. I will become a Lightworker for myself, and for Mother Earth and her children. I have a lot of scary stuff to deal with, but what I learned from a lovely dreamtime journey yesterday is that I am not alone in doing so, and neither are you!

unicornI was surrounded with the love and light of my Guides, Totems and Angles, surrounding me and lending me their advice and support. I also seems to be surrounded by unicorns this year so far – having had a very unicorn themed christmas for some reason – plus I keep seeing unicorn themed things everywhere I go, so I think I can take it as a hint from the Universe to work with Unicorn energy. I met them during a meditation session. The’re’s a male unicorn who has a white body, golden horn and a mint green mane, goatee and tail called – you guessed it, Mint. He has a lion like tail like the images of the unicorns in medieval tapistries. My other unicorn is called Sparkle, who looks like a white horse with a beautiful horn, and my third unicorn is also like those you see in medival tapistries and paintings. She’s small with a beautiful long horn and tail, and her body is pure white with a silvery white light emmiting from her. Her name is Soulstice. I will work with my new friends, as they seem to be the ones who can most help me this year. I will also be working alongside my Dragon Guides, and big cats, Midnight Jaguar, Mountain Lion, Tigress and especialy my Northern Totem Moose, especially, as advised during my meditation. It should be a productive yet insiteful year! I also want to shout out to all of the Beings of Light who help me, be they in Spirit or here on the Earth plane!

What will you knit back together this year?

Go Well, Aho!`

Website Creation


For the past few weeks, I have been working on creating my own website dedicated to my work as a Spiritual Healer. Within the next few days or so I hope to have it up and running for all to see. The name of my site is Cloud Temple Medicine Lodge, which is based on a place of healing which I go to during Dream Time Journeys. I journey there with Pegasus and her herd, where I meet with one of my spirit guides, a little Native American woman I refer to as ‘Mother’, which is a respectful term for an elder who sits in council or acts as a medicine woman for the tribe. Here I receive my own healings, and as I wish to offer this service to others, it became the perfect name for my website.

Please check it out 🙂

Rights of Passage

peacock butterfly

I’ve been having a particularly hard couple of months. My new job isn’t going so well, and I have a lot of health problems, but I’m still trying to get to grips with my spiritual world with the help of some very generous and supportive friends. A huge thanks to Teresa Raven Moon for her one to one healings, training sessions and cacaou inner dance ceremonies. Also to my clan group and our teachers Speaking Hawk and Rising Dawn, as well as our teacher from California, White Star Woman for generously offering to talk with me via skype once a month for six months.

Right now, I’m working on a cutting ceremony, where I will remove any negative energy attached to me, either from this lifetime or past ones in order to heal myself spiritually and aid my healing work on my body, too, by ‘cutting’ the related energy cords attached to me. The way to do this is by building a fire pit, and requires sticks of about an inch to two inches in thickness and a machete. Yup, a machete, something big and sharp enough to cut the sticks with in one fell swop! (That part should be a whole lotta fun!) The process involves creating a ceremonial fire, stating your intentions to the fire, and then taking the sticks and transfer all of the negative energy based on a particular problem – be it spiritual or physical – into that stick. Imagine all of those negative associations, memories and feelings draining away from you and into that stick. Now here comes the fun part! Place the stick onto the ground, and chop it into smaller pieces with the machete. Then put them into the fire and watch the negativity burn away as the fire being cleanse you of them. However it is imperative that you DO NOT TOUCH the sticks with your hands once you have transferred the energy, should you absorb the energy again and essentially re-attach the cord you are trying to remove.

A lot of issues related to my current problems come from my mother’s lineage, with a lot of unhappiness transferred down from generation to generation, each increasing when attaching to the person in the next generation – which just so happens to be me! White Star said that I don’t have to carry their energy and unexpressed unhappiness. I don’t have to cry for them, or feel what emotions they felt, as it does nothing but make me ill and spiritually out of balance. I can empathize with them, but empathizing is not the same as taking on their emotions or ‘baggage’.

White Star also mentioned that heavy-metal poisoning (no, it’s not a band!) can cause issues with our health, from the polluted air we breath to the chemical infested food that we eat. These metals enter our blood stream, and when a large amount do so – and the point of ‘tolerable’ amounts is extremely low – the metals become lodged into our fat cells and vital organs, particularly the liver, kidneys and brain. This is when we can become ill, with heart problems, digestive problems, memory problems, metal health problems, the list goes on. They are however difficult to remove, but it’s vital that we do so. So, for the next six months, I will work on removing these metals from my system, as well as focus on my spiritual work, and hopefully, after giving myself a complete MOT, I will be in a much better place. I will try this recipe first, and report my findings to the effectiveness 🙂


  • 1-2 cups of wild blueberries, frozen and defrosted (wild blue berries are blue all the way through, not white on the inside). This is important to ensure that you receive the most effective amounts of antioxidants,
  • 1 medium sized apple,
  • 1 large cucumber,
  • 1 small bunch of cilantro,
  • 1 small bunch of parsley,
  • 1 tsp of barley grass juice powder,
  • 1 tsp of spirulina powder.

Blend all of these into a juicer, and once drink daily 🙂 I’ll keep my blog posted on and recipe updates or effects. I’ve also read that Milk Thistle in particular is good for healing the liver, so I’ll be taking that in tablet form. I may also resort to taking cilantro and spiraling tablets instead, if the juicing method doesn’t work out.

Within the next six months, I should either have completed my next right of passage, from larva, to cocoon and then finally butterfly. Or I will be ready to begin it!

Spiritual Studies


Tomorrow I begin my studies to take my Shamanic and other forms of spiritual practices further, working alongside my friend Teresa Raven Moon –

This is a great opportunity for me, as I can finally start my journey to becoming a Spiritual Practitioner! I’m particularly looking forward to Ancient Egyptian work called Sekhem, which is the practice of healing yourself and others via the energies of Egypt’s’ Ancient Gods, as well as further teachings in clearing energies in homes, cord cutting (‘cutting’ negative attachments from other sourced energies/spirits) and soul retrievals (Re-piecing together fragments of a person’s soul,  which has ‘chipped away’ during times of great trauma, often leading to an unhappy, empty or emotionally/physically disruptiveness in the sufferers life.)

I have been feeling pretty crap this week, and not being able to sleep doesn’t help at all, so hopefully I’ll be up to the task tomorrow morning, but at least my foot is in the door following the path that I was meant to take 🙂

We never know, maybe I need healing first before I can do anything…Even healers need to be healed!



2017: Deer Medicine Energies

In 2017, we say our heart felt thanks to the Great Oak Tree for all of their wisdom and knowledge throughout 2016, and welcome in the energies of Deer Medicine. Deer shows us to face our shadow sides with gentleness, kindness and perseverance, and in doing so, help our hearts to heal. In doing so, we can open ourselves to new possibilities, our life experiences enhanced; our dreams fulfilled.



Shaman Practitioner

Everyone spends their lives trying to find their role in the world, who they are, and who the were meant to be. I can safely say that this year has been a toughy, and I’ve had numerous ups and downs  -as I know everyone does at some point – but over the past few months I’ve been thinking of what my place is, and what I’d really like to do is become a healer. I first realized this after a soul healing session with the teacher of the Tatyana Medicine Lodge with our teacher White Star Woman, who had come to the UK to visit all the way from California. I realized that it was my destiny to help all beings of light – whether living or in spirit – to heal. This includes people, animals, and hopefully standing people and all the beings who both make up and live on the Earth Blanket. All I need now is to find someone or someplace that can teach me on a professional level, and a little guidance on how to set up my own place. Hopefully as the new year roles in, I can celebrate a new start for myself.

My year will start off working as a HCA for Leicester Royal Hospital, then from there I hope to incorporate my spiritual side too, and hopefully I can officially begin to walk my sacred path along the Good Red Road. Happy New Year 2017! Aho